Family Websites and Blogs

  • Derek and Susie: ...coming
  • Doug's Blog
  • Denny and Sara: ...coming
  • Erin and Ryan Vermilion: ...coming
  • Carolyn and Ed Brown

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Family pictures:

  • Bill and Maude Patterson
  • Derek and Susie Patterson
  • Doug Patterson
  • Denny, Sara and Trinity Patterson
  • Erin, Ryan, Gabriella and Christian Vermilion
  • Carolyn, Ed, Patrick and Kayla Brown

New stuff to come shortly

This site has just been updated, but its still incomplete. There will soon be all types of information and pictures about the Patterson family. For now, please be patient as I begin the slow process of compiling all of the information I have. If you have questions regarding this site, please feel free to contact me at