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Our House (The Job Site)

I’ll keep a photojournal of the progress we’re making on the house here. This was my grandmother’s old farm house. Most of the land has since been sold off and remains pastureland, except for the plot to the East of us. For a long while, the house wasn’t maintained as it should have been, and it fell into some disrepair. Nothing too awful, but its going to take some time to fix. At first, I had planned a systematic repair schedule, starting in the upstairs and working my way down. Yeah, right. :P That didn’t last very long, but at least we can see progress.

Let me start with the outside, and show you the house, land, and outbuildings. Here’s the front of the house.

Current front of house

The house used to have a porch, but a storm took it off a few decades ago. I have a picture around somewhere. I’ll scan it in and post it here in time.

Along with the house came six acres of land, a garage, a barn, a machine shed, and a pond.


Machine Shed




Before you email me, I know the barn needs painting. Its on my to-do list. There are a number of inside jobs that needed done first. Before I could get approved for the house, I needed to fix some old water-damaged areas. The leaks had been fixed long ago, but the damage to the plaster around the chimney and windows in the two bedrooms upstairs were still evident.

Damaged Chimney

Fixed Chimney

Damaged Window

New Window

The window frames upstairs were just way too damaged to be repaired, as were the plaster walls, so I relaced them. My friends Phil and Mike, and my brother Rich, helped me tear out the old plaster walls, put in new insulation, new wiring, and hang new sheetrock. Now the rooms look good and clean, but a bit sterile. It was good enough for the investors, though.

Primed South Bedroom

Primed North Bedroom

Tab has since painted the south bedroom, although we’re still not completely finished with it. Its looking good! As soon as I get around to picking up all my dirty underwear off the floor, I’ll take and post some pictures.


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    [...] Well, as if I didn’t have my hands full already with my work at the college and at FunTech, and the ongoing remodel of the house, I found another project to drain my time and money. With much sadness, my a good friend of mine passed over ownership and stewardship of a 1972 Buick Skylark. It has the potential to be a really fantastic car, although it needs some work. …ok, it needs a lot of work. The motor is great, but there’s an electrical problem that I need to track down, the brakes need to be replaced, the transmission needs to be overhauled, the interior needs to be refurbished, and there’s a lot of body work that needs to be done. It did start, though, and sounded fantastic. I’m afraid that its home for the forseeable future is going to be the machine shed in spite of its starting right up. Brakes are first on the list, and then the electrical. The transmission is third priority and then the cosmetic work. Know any good parts shop? [...]

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